Accuracy is absolutely not 100%, saying to the exclusion of all other shoes is absurd given the results of testing.

– Alicia Carriquiry, shoe forensics expert

The Case Against Billy

#1- Junk Science

The only piece of forensic evidence connecting Billy to the scene of the crime is a shoe print lifted from the restaurant countertop. The Cincinnati Police Department produced a report claiming that the print could be identified as matching a pair of shoes that belonged to Billy “to the exclusion of all others.” However...

  • The shoes in question were Nike Air Force One sneakers – the most popular shoe of 2010, with over 10 million people owning a pair.

  • Mounting evidence suggests that shoe print identification is extremely inaccurate, yet it was the only piece of forensic evidence used against Billy.

  • The largest study to date of the accuracy of footwear examiners’ conclusions found their assessments to be notably inconsistent and erroneous.

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